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New Bookings 2022 *updated

Updated: Aug 19

We're excited to announce the bookings are still coming in for 2022

With a slow start to 2022, things are gaining momentum once Government restrictions lifted. People are yearning for live entertainment after such a long haitus from going out to check out their favorite bands or discover new ones.

As of this writing some venues are still booking solo acoustic shows and not full bands, but the band bookings are picking up. Currently the performance schedule is a mix between solo and band shows, but either way live entertainment is making a huge comeback, and our calendar is starting to show it.

Below is a listing of the dates booked so far, both solo and full band. We hope to see you soon at a venue near you!

2022 Tour dates

Feb 4: Buck's SOLO

Feb 5: Tracie's Place SOLO

Feb 18: Harry's Pub SOLO

Feb 26: Dunsdon Legion SOLO

Mar 4: Harry's Pub SOLO

Mar 19: Maple Leaf SOLO

Mar 20: Carrigan Arms DUO w/ Annette

Apr 9: Harry's Pub SOLO

Apr 15: Buck's SOLO

Apr 16: Maple Leaf SOLO

Apr 23: Galley Pump

Apr 30: Wiarton Stag & Doe

May 7: SOS Brantford

May 8: Carrigan Arms DUO w/ Annette

May 14: Maple Leaf SOLO

May 21: Sun Retreats Stratford

May 27: The Stampede Ranch

May 28: The Stampede Ranch

Jun 4: Dunsdon Legion

Jun 17: Brantford Polish Hall

Jun 18: Fresh Water Summit Festival

Jun 19: For the Love of Fathers & Food Trucks

Jul 2: SOS Brantford

Jul 14: Shoeless Joe's SOLO

Jul 15: The Stampede Ranch

Jul 16: The Stampede Ranch

Aug 11: Shoeless Joe's SOLO

Aug 13: Country Roots Festival

Aug 20: Norwich Truck & Tractor Pull

Aug 21: Carrigan Arms DUO w/ Annette

Sep 3: Bruce's Landing

Sep 24: Hops & Harvest Festival

Sep 30: Rhythm & Brews

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